GRP Cable Trough

GRP Cable Troughs are an extremely robust and cost effective product. Our cable troughing system can be produced in various sizes and has been designed with simplicity in mind thus making it easy to use in a working environment. We have a snap on lid and with its light weight and robustness it makes and excellent ducting system to work with.

All our cable ducting is produced from grp/fiberglass making it light weight and easy to fabricate on site. We also produce GRP couplers along with a grp support system which can be produced to fit any working environment.

We have a full range of GRP Cable Trough profiles and this allows us to produce products to customer demands. Depending upon the volume we can produce cable ducting to colour specific requirements along with producing specific resins for certain applications so whether it's for the Rail Industry, London Underground or areas where extreme corrosion is evident then our grp ducting systems are an excellent choice.

All our GRP Cable Trough as standard is unslotted


Standard GRP Cable Trough Sizes

 Captrad also has a full range of large GRP Cable Troughs that can be used in a wide range of applications from Substations, Power Stations to the side of railways. They are an excellent alternative to traditional heavy concrete trenches and can save vast amounts of money when installing.

We can offer wither open top grating or solid top grating as a cover which can withstand heavy loads and as all the manufactured trenches are GRP there is no theft value what so ever.