GRP Cable Ladders

grp cable ladder

Cable Ladders are supplied from stock in a range of standard sizes which allows us to accommodate any project. Our grp cable ladders systems are designed to utilize space and to give absolute cable protection. The design of the side profile combines great strength with light weight. All of Captrad Cable Systems grp cable ladders have been designed to improve load-bearing capabilities. We are able to produce GRP Cable Ladders to a variety of sizes and special resin systems to match any working environment.  We can also supply cable ladders dividers and lids if required.
There are many advantages to using our GRP Cable Ladders   
  • Light weight and easy to use
  • Excellent UV stability and fire properties
  • Various sizes available in the ladder profile
  • Available in various resin systems offering excellent corrosion resistance
  • FRP Cable Ladders are produced to NEMA standards
  • Excellent strength properties under high loads
grp cable ladders
 Cable Ladders
frp cable ladder
 grp cable ladder
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